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Sendai City house cleaning



Osouji Honpo Izumi-Chuo is based in the Izumi-Chuo area of Izumi-ku, Sendai City, and works daily with the motto of "providing excitement and satisfaction" to our customers.

FC National Tournament Excellence Award

​2016, 2019, 2021 

We are the winners of the FC National Excellence Award!

Osoji Honpo is a leading company in the cleaning franchise business in Japan. We provide high-quality cleaning services in various places such as homes, offices, and shops.
House Cleaning maintains the cleanliness of your home through regular cleanings and general cleaning. Office Cleaning keeps the business environment clean and provides a comfortable workplace. In store cleaning, we maintain the cleanliness of the store and kitchen to meet the needs of restaurants and retailers. Air Conditioner Cleaning provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment by cleaning and maintaining the inside of the air conditioner. Osouji Honpo responds to the needs of customers nationwide through high-quality services and extensive franchise development. We also have female staff, so please feel free to leave it to us!

Latest news

​We are running an air conditioner cleaning campaign in a limited area. Discount prices and menus vary by prefecture, so please contact us for details.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

In air conditioner cleaning, we clean and maintain the inside of the air conditioner to provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning keeps your home clean through regular and special cleaning services.


Store/Office Cleaning

In store and office cleaning, we keep the business environment clean, provide a comfortable workplace, maintain the cleanliness of stores and kitchens, and meet the needs of restaurants and retailers.




Based in the central area of Izumi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, we provide air conditioner cleaning, house cleaning, store and office cleaning, and more. If you need cleaning, leave it to Osoji Honpo Izumi Chuo.

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